My real name is Tom… but somehow my nickname is Ramon.. Goose.. yep Goose! and this is my “very” personal blog. How did I get this nickname? Don’t ask. Why is this website personal? Well it is in terms of what I share on here. Stuff like my likes, dislikes etc etc. Not in terms of the intention of getting my story out there on the world wide web.

Many of you might ask, what am I going to post about right? Well to be honest with you.. random stuff! Random rants or what’s going on my mind. Boring you might think? Well… I dare you to follow this blog, read a couple of posts and then decide whether its boring or it is actually worth following. My life is kind of so so and ordinary to many people. But I think I have the knack of telling in somewhat an enlighting and different way. Don’t agree? That’s ok, just give me some feedback and I will try to address it asap. Yep, I mean it! I will take whatever you’ve got to throw at me. But let’s play it fair hey? Try to refrain from using obscene languages. After all, my blog is open for anybody out there, including children.

I may post everyday, but I also may post once a couple of months. That is all I’ve got to say. Follow me and you shall be surprised. Randomness to the max!