My weekly exercise routine

Everybody needs a little exercise routine to stay fit and let off some steam! Whether that’s playing in a team sport like football, going for a run every morning or hitting the gym, everyone has their own ways of getting physical during the week after work or school.

When I was in university I developed an exercise routine for the specific reason of bodybuilding; staying fit and healthy and keeping in tip-top shape! Nowadays I’m a little less vain and a little more busy, and all I want is to maintain my health and stay limber so moving around doesn’t get too hard when I’m a little older. There’s also the perk of needing to cool off after a long, stressful week!

My wife and I like to go for jogs around the neighbourhood or park on weekend mornings when we have the time, so that’s an important part of my weekday exercise routine. A couple of days a week after work my friends and I go to the gym together, and these provide a relaxed environment for us to just hang out while working out. And of course, Friday afternoons are the days I go biking with my kids! We have twin boys who are on training wheels and I always look forward to spending the afternoon with them. I make sure that my exercise routine involves the people closest to me and helps me stay fit.

The important thing is that you don’t overexert yourself, you keep up your streak and don’t miss a day to get exercise (that’s why it’s called a routine!) and you make sure that you have fun! I know I always do.

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