Our visit to the zoo…

Every year my fiance and I make sure to take a trip to the zoo. Since we moved to this state, we’ve been going to the local wildlife park every year, and every year the place grows and changes a little. The zoo is a sizeable establishment on the edge of town which attracts tourists year-round. They tell us every year (and we never get tired of hearing it) that their main aim is to provide a home for animals all around the world if their natural habitat is endangered. Each year, the zoo’s attractions change slightly as animals are moved to the wild or to other, bigger parks around the world, and new ones come in. We became very well acquainted with a large female gorilla who stayed at the zoo for three years, but this year we found out that she was successfully moved to a game park in Africa. In her place were two very young tiger cubs who would stay at the park until they reach adulthood.

zoo visit photo

We always do a full round of the zoo, checking out newer additions first (this year they’ve got meerkats!) and then moving on to the older ones. One of our favourite attractions, and one of the constant ones at the zoo, is the enormous exotic aviary! We don’t often stand still, but whenever we go to the aviary we just like to stay in the same spot watching different species of brightly coloured birds flying past. We love to end the day playing Eye Spy at the aviary, a game I’ve never been able to beat Layla at!

Going to the zoo is always a great way to spend time and have fun with them, but I also know it’s a good way of teaching my boys to see how important it is to protect our environment and all the animals that live in it.

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