I am moving house! And this is why…

After months of planning, it can now be said– I am moving house! And here’s the amazing reason why! Last week I formally proposed to my girlfriend of two years, and we’re moving in together at the end of this month following our engagement party. Our new house is situated closer to Perth city, and we are both very excited to get all settled in!

For your information, I used Perth Removalists WA to do the job and definitely recommend them. It took my girlfriend (now fiancĂ©) Layla and I quite a while to choose a place that we liked, when finally we stumbled on an affordable townhouse in a charming neighborhood. Once the place was ours, we had to decide on how to redecorate it. I thought Layla and I would have to compromise and disagree on a lot of things about how to fix up the house, but happily we were able to have it exactly the way we both wanted it. Now there is a common space for her stuff and my stuff, a place that is her home and my home too, and somewhere we can both share our lives together. It’ll be another year and a half until a real wedding, but that gives us enough time to settle down, settle in and make room for a potential third member of our family, if ever!

I realized that moving in with Layla came just at the right time, as my neighborhood right now is swiftly turning into a commercial area which causes traffic to build up on the way to and from work, and compromises what used to be peaceful nights. And since we plan on raising a family soon, we found it appropriate to have a place of our own in a new location. Our new neighborhood isn’t all that far from where we work, and is better situated near public transportation with bus routes going all the way down to any beach along the North Shore! In light of this, Layla is already keen on investing in surfboards and surfing lessons. But first things first– moving in! Today, we’re holding a common garage sale in the garage of my current house, getting rid of all the things we no longer need. I am thrilled to think about sharing just about everything with Layla from now on.

So, activity on my blog may slow down a little as Layla and I move into the new house, but when I get back, I’ll be sure to share more of our exciting adventures together!

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