My outdoor area DIY project

Welcome to this week’s blog entry. For this edition, let me tell you all about my latest project that will add a bit more pizzazz to the outdoor entertainment area in my house. You see, for the longest time, I’ve been having trouble deciding how to spruce up my garden. We’ve fixed the landscaping (inspired by the guys at stylish outdoor solutions), introduced exotic plants, and even laid out the garden in a certain way that doesn’t turn off outsiders. Now I need just one more thing that’s unique and will characterize the identity I want to have for my garden area.

For this to happen, I had to consult several references and experts in the field. As is usually the case, the question of deciding what to put and where to set it up is usually answered by knowing your purpose for doing so. Next question is, will it be functional or merely decorative? I sought to go the functional route since I like hosting parties outside, and entertaining guests during the mild summer and autumn season.

In the end, I decided to install a brick oven which is a simple set up that doesn’t require any fancy tools or processes. I found a nifty instructional video on the Internet using Italian red bricks that can handle high-heat and an efficient process of building the oven one brick at a time. The only items I needed aside from the bricks include mortar, some insulation, and a few other materials that can be purchased from the nearest building supply store like Bunnings, Home Depot, etc.).

To start with, I had to read up a lot on the background of the brick oven. This research led me to Italy, where the basic brick over design came from. These are the kind of ovens that authentic Italian pizzerias and bars are using. Not only is the brick oven great for cooking pizza, you can also roast meat and chicken, and bake fancy bread. With a little hack, one can customize the brick oven according to one’s preference.

According to the instruction information, building a brick oven from scratch isn’t exactly a walk in the park. In fact, it is not for everyone since it’s a very challenging project requiring prior experience in construction and masonry as well as a fair amount of heavy lifting. Good thing I’ve had experience in both; first as a tradie working on off-site home renovations during my early years out of high school, and then five years as a junior level mason for a construction firm.

So now I’ve got all the materials, cleared one area in my garden, and got a few of my mates to come over to help build the oven. I’ll take photos of the before, during and after, and will post them here for all to see! Will have the details in my next blog update!

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