First post, first rant…

Ready… set… RANT! I don’t know know about you but I seriously dislike when people don’t think about others around them. Yeh I know, we all should look after ourselves. But seriously? Should it be at the expense of others. Of course not.. well at least that’s what I thought!

Background: I was walking to the nearby deli near my house. Walking? Ye that’s fine by me! It ain’t about my rant. It is upon entering the deli that I felt kind of sick to the stomach.. literally! Seriously? Hell yes!

Cause: Being lunch time, I decided to buy a sandwich. Watching what I eat in a somewhat conservative way. Bought a tuna cheese sandwich. Simple and stress free right? Wrong! The bread used had gone off. How does it smell? Bad.. in fact very bad…

End of the story.. I’m out!

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