My weekly exercise routine

Everybody needs a little exercise routine to stay fit and let off some steam! Whether that’s playing in a team sport like football, going for a run every morning or hitting the gym, everyone has their own ways of getting physical during the week after work or school.

When I was in university I developed an exercise routine for the specific reason of bodybuilding; staying fit and healthy and keeping in tip-top shape! Nowadays I’m a little less vain and a little more busy, and all I want is to maintain my health and stay limber so moving around doesn’t get too hard when I’m a little older. There’s also the perk of needing to cool off after a long, stressful week!

My wife and I like to go for jogs around the neighbourhood or park on weekend mornings when we have the time, so that’s an important part of my weekday exercise routine. A couple of days a week after work my friends and I go to the gym together, and these provide a relaxed environment for us to just hang out while working out. And of course, Friday afternoons are the days I go biking with my kids! We have twin boys who are on training wheels and I always look forward to spending the afternoon with them. I make sure that my exercise routine involves the people closest to me and helps me stay fit.

The important thing is that you don’t overexert yourself, you keep up your streak and don’t miss a day to get exercise (that’s why it’s called a routine!) and you make sure that you have fun! I know I always do.

Our visit to the zoo…

Every year my fiance and I make sure to take a trip to the zoo. Since we moved to this state, we’ve been going to the local wildlife park every year, and every year the place grows and changes a little. The zoo is a sizeable establishment on the edge of town which attracts tourists year-round. They tell us every year (and we never get tired of hearing it) that their main aim is to provide a home for animals all around the world if their natural habitat is endangered. Each year, the zoo’s attractions change slightly as animals are moved to the wild or to other, bigger parks around the world, and new ones come in. We became very well acquainted with a large female gorilla who stayed at the zoo for three years, but this year we found out that she was successfully moved to a game park in Africa. In her place were two very young tiger cubs who would stay at the park until they reach adulthood.

zoo visit photo

We always do a full round of the zoo, checking out newer additions first (this year they’ve got meerkats!) and then moving on to the older ones. One of our favourite attractions, and one of the constant ones at the zoo, is the enormous exotic aviary! We don’t often stand still, but whenever we go to the aviary we just like to stay in the same spot watching different species of brightly coloured birds flying past. We love to end the day playing Eye Spy at the aviary, a game I’ve never been able to beat Layla at!

Going to the zoo is always a great way to spend time and have fun with them, but I also know it’s a good way of teaching my boys to see how important it is to protect our environment and all the animals that live in it.

I am moving house! And this is why…

After months of planning, it can now be said– I am moving house! And here’s the amazing reason why! Last week I formally proposed to my girlfriend of two years, and we’re moving in together at the end of this month following our engagement party. Our new house is situated closer to Perth city, and we are both very excited to get all settled in!

For your information, I used Perth Removalists WA to do the job and definitely recommend them. It took my girlfriend (now fiancé) Layla and I quite a while to choose a place that we liked, when finally we stumbled on an affordable townhouse in a charming neighborhood. Once the place was ours, we had to decide on how to redecorate it. I thought Layla and I would have to compromise and disagree on a lot of things about how to fix up the house, but happily we were able to have it exactly the way we both wanted it. Now there is a common space for her stuff and my stuff, a place that is her home and my home too, and somewhere we can both share our lives together. It’ll be another year and a half until a real wedding, but that gives us enough time to settle down, settle in and make room for a potential third member of our family, if ever!

I realized that moving in with Layla came just at the right time, as my neighborhood right now is swiftly turning into a commercial area which causes traffic to build up on the way to and from work, and compromises what used to be peaceful nights. And since we plan on raising a family soon, we found it appropriate to have a place of our own in a new location. Our new neighborhood isn’t all that far from where we work, and is better situated near public transportation with bus routes going all the way down to any beach along the North Shore! In light of this, Layla is already keen on investing in surfboards and surfing lessons. But first things first– moving in! Today, we’re holding a common garage sale in the garage of my current house, getting rid of all the things we no longer need. I am thrilled to think about sharing just about everything with Layla from now on.

So, activity on my blog may slow down a little as Layla and I move into the new house, but when I get back, I’ll be sure to share more of our exciting adventures together!

My outdoor area DIY project

Welcome to this week’s blog entry. For this edition, let me tell you all about my latest project that will add a bit more pizzazz to the outdoor entertainment area in my house. You see, for the longest time, I’ve been having trouble deciding how to spruce up my garden. We’ve fixed the landscaping (inspired by the guys at stylish outdoor solutions), introduced exotic plants, and even laid out the garden in a certain way that doesn’t turn off outsiders. Now I need just one more thing that’s unique and will characterize the identity I want to have for my garden area.

For this to happen, I had to consult several references and experts in the field. As is usually the case, the question of deciding what to put and where to set it up is usually answered by knowing your purpose for doing so. Next question is, will it be functional or merely decorative? I sought to go the functional route since I like hosting parties outside, and entertaining guests during the mild summer and autumn season.

In the end, I decided to install a brick oven which is a simple set up that doesn’t require any fancy tools or processes. I found a nifty instructional video on the Internet using Italian red bricks that can handle high-heat and an efficient process of building the oven one brick at a time. The only items I needed aside from the bricks include mortar, some insulation, and a few other materials that can be purchased from the nearest building supply store like Bunnings, Home Depot, etc.).

To start with, I had to read up a lot on the background of the brick oven. This research led me to Italy, where the basic brick over design came from. These are the kind of ovens that authentic Italian pizzerias and bars are using. Not only is the brick oven great for cooking pizza, you can also roast meat and chicken, and bake fancy bread. With a little hack, one can customize the brick oven according to one’s preference.

According to the instruction information, building a brick oven from scratch isn’t exactly a walk in the park. In fact, it is not for everyone since it’s a very challenging project requiring prior experience in construction and masonry as well as a fair amount of heavy lifting. Good thing I’ve had experience in both; first as a tradie working on off-site home renovations during my early years out of high school, and then five years as a junior level mason for a construction firm.

So now I’ve got all the materials, cleared one area in my garden, and got a few of my mates to come over to help build the oven. I’ll take photos of the before, during and after, and will post them here for all to see! Will have the details in my next blog update!

First post, first rant…

Ready… set… RANT! I don’t know know about you but I seriously dislike when people don’t think about others around them. Yeh I know, we all should look after ourselves. But seriously? Should it be at the expense of others. Of course not.. well at least that’s what I thought!

Background: I was walking to the nearby deli near my house. Walking? Ye that’s fine by me! It ain’t about my rant. It is upon entering the deli that I felt kind of sick to the stomach.. literally! Seriously? Hell yes!

Cause: Being lunch time, I decided to buy a sandwich. Watching what I eat in a somewhat conservative way. Bought a tuna cheese sandwich. Simple and stress free right? Wrong! The bread used had gone off. How does it smell? Bad.. in fact very bad…

End of the story.. I’m out!